Modern days - Pavillon de la Muette
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Modern days

Modern days

1. After the first world war, hunting with hounds stopped in Saint Germain and the pavilion was rented to various personalities, including the singular figure of Georgette Leblanc. An opera singer, actress and writer, she lived in La Muette from 1930 to 1933  with her friend Margaret anderson, a few years after her separation from Nobel litterature prize Maurice Maeterlinck. There, she lived in total discomfort but enjoyed pure beauty, which she described in her biograpphy, “la machine à courage


2. A mundane chronicle describes a lavish christmas party at La Muette with James Joyce and Pirandello


3. In 1933, the service of fine arts took over La Muette to transform it into a week end house for the french prime minister. We found reports in the archives of orders for tissues for the refurnishing, and several press articles, as the one here attached. We cannoit yet asses, though, if the plan was carried out til the end and for how long. By 1940, the pavilion was anyhow abandoned. It wasn’t touched during the heavy bombings of the large Acheres yard in july 1944 but was entirely looted in the disorder of the end of the war.


4. In the 50’s, Pierre Schaeffer, a majoiir figure of post war broadcasting, turned La Muette into a radio school for french speaking african students. He thereby trained wha would soon become the first voices of Africa’s independence. He was fired.