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Pavillon de la Muette

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Ophrys Apifera

Ophrys Apifera is one of France’s most attractive botanical orchids. Three specimen are blossoming close to the pavilion’s paved alley. Himantoglossum hircinum and Listera Ovata can also be admired on the premices… and shall be protected. More information about : The Surrounding


Iriseraie of Gombault

A first blossom of irises from maison Cayeux and iriseraie de Gombault is welcoming visitors in may. Further planting is scheduled in summer along the circle alley. More information about : The Surrounding



Repairs completed. Lime based painting and plaster coatings are now in place following elimination of the lead based paint and graffiti. All carpentry works have been cleaned and covered with linseed oil.


Cupola of the italian hall

Cupola of the italian hall, repairs completed. Lime based painting of the cupola has been restored following the dismantling of polystyrene formworks and repair of the plaster coatings. All carpentry works have been cleaned and covered with linseed oil and graffitis on the wood decor have been removed.


Ceiling of the officers room

Repairs completed. The ceiling has been repaired and painted anew and the carpentry works cleaned and covered with linseed oil. They will remain in natural wood, as from the time of the OCORA radio studio.


Georgette Leblanc

Georgette Leblanc, here photographed in the italian octogonal lounge, was a celebrated soprano of the late XIXth ventury. We recently learned that she lived in La Muette at the beginning of the 1930’s following her separation from Literrature Nobel prize Maurice Maeterlinck. There, she lived with Margaret Anderson and Monique Serrure, without water or electricity but in a beautiful setting which she described in her second autobiography, “La machine à courage”. More information: History.


Georgette Leblanc’s life

We thank the owners of the castle of Medan, a former house of Maurice Maeterlinck, who told us of Georgette Leblanc’s life in the pavilion. Medan is part of the road of writers and is open for visits. It was an inspiration to Ronsard and Cézanne.


A mundane press coverage from 1932

A mundane press coverage from 1932 describes (with many historical mistakes but in a picturesque manner) the lavish Christmas party organised by Georgette Leblanc at la Muette. Among the guests : James Joyce and Pirandello. More information: History


Watercolor view of the pavilion

A recently discovered document provided us with this watercolor view of the pavilion, in the ‘Catalogue des chasses de Saint-Germain‘. To the left lie the large stable of king Charles X, which has been destroyed after the 1970’s. More information: History