History - Pavillon de la Muette
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Built under the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the pavillon de la Muette is a rare testimony of hunting lodges architecture in the late XVIIIth century. It is part of our shared inheritance and opening it to the public is key to bringing it back to life and to creating support for its restauration. You will have a cance to discover its vast italian hall, the room of the hunting officers and the astonishing stonewalled underground kitchens.
Because of its isolation in a curve of the seine river, in a poor, sandy area,  the northern section of the forest of Saint germain has long remained wilder, and a favored ground for wild animals. The hunt and isolation are precisely the reasons why monarchs, and later users, came to this place since the Renaissance. But these reasons also imply that no noe ever stayed here for long, which accounts for the repeated periods of neglect the pavilion endured.
The restoration of the pavilion will be a complex and lengthy task. The building was abandoned for neaarly 40 years and some elements are in a very poor condition. The ceiling of the southern hall collapsed in the 90’s. The roof cover (lead terrace and slate coverage) needs to be entirely replaced. The chimneys, gutters, as well as most of the beams, need tcomlete makeover or replacement. The coating of the facades has been repaired in the early 60’s with a mix of cement and mortar which has to be entirely removed. 2BDM, on of France’s most reknowned architecture cabinets, is in charge of the program.
The former house of the gamekeeper, built under the reign of Napoleon, also requiresserious repairs. It shall soon receive the label of the “fondation du patrimoine”, allowing for a quality of repairs which it also deserves.
Last but not least, the star shaped crossroad of La Muette has currently lost the appearance that was originally planned after extensive timbering of double alley of trees which originally encircled the pavilion and the disappearance of the circle and radial alleys. We will need to replant the original varieties of trees and eliminate agressive invaders such as Ailanthus Altissimus and Phitolacca Americana. Original flowers such as lily-in the valley and wood bluebell, would provide a valuable floral touch.